Vim tabs, like chrome or firefox tabs, allow for a quicker streamlined work flow.

vim -p Theme.c Timer.c World.c

To switch between tabs use:


Or, for the inclined, add the following to your .vimrc:

set tabpagemax=128
map <C-h> gT
map <C-l> gt

And now you can switch between 128 open tabs with Ctrl + H and Ctrl + L.

Some vim pundits argue this to be a misuse of vim’s tab system. Certainly, long directory names do get in the way, even after vim shortens the tab names. An alternative is to horizontally stack files with windows instead of tabs. Simply add:

set winminwidth=0
map <c-j> <c-w>j<c-w>_
map <c-k> <c-w>k<c-w>_

And vim will fold windows into a single line, giving a nice horizontal stacking effect that can be traversed up and down with CTRL + J and CTRL + K.

Take it one step further and have CTAGS, with CTRL + N, open a new window via symbol lookup for you:

noremap <c-n> <c-w>g<c-]>